How to Build Up Your Immune System

A healthy immune system means a better quality of life and protection from infections and disease-causing bacteria. You may not have been paying attention to your immune system until after you feel the beginnings of an illness coming on or you suddenly feel out of breath and energy.

Building your immune system is therefore very important because you not only improve your quality of life but you arm yourself with immunity from a number of diseases.

How to Build Up Your Immune System

There are two basic steps in building up your immune system: feeding it with proper nutrition and relaxation.

First, consider the types of food that you have been eating so far and see if you get all the nutrients that your body needs everyday.

1. Do you have regular intake of all the vitamins that your body needs? Vitamin C should be number 1 on your list of vitamins to take everyday. A daily dose of Vitamin C, anywhere between two hundred and five hundred mg per day is recommended.

Vitamin C is increases your body’s immunoglobulin which fights off infections and diseases. It also increases your good cholesterol level thereby reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular-related illnesses.

Vitamin E is likewise important as this increases levels of B-cells which are important in the production of antibodies. About one hundred to four hundred mg/day is recommended.

Beta carotene rids the body of free radicals and also ups the level of production of cancer-fighting cells. Yellow and orange fruits, carrots and yams, and green leaves are good sources of beta carotene.

Zinc is often overlooked but this mineral is actually a powerful infection-prevention agent and likewise raises the production of white blood cells which are known to ward off infection. Seafood like oyster and crab, beef and beans are good sources of zinc.

2. Relaxation. Stress is a major factor in lowering down one’s immune system. The body reacts to your stress level negatively which in turn will result in lack of energy, being moody, and affects your overall quality of life.

Practicing relaxation techniques as well as making sure that you set aside a few minutes each day to simply let your body catch-up with all the hard work and stress you’ve put in are important in boosting your immune system.

As you feed your body with all the right foods, so should you also feed your mind and body with a few minutes of tranquility each day to allow them to rejuvenate and re-energize before going on with your daily tasks.

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