How to Build Bookshelves

If your books are scattered all around, you might want to learn how to build bookshelves. Having a few of these around your home will also make it look more striking.

Required Tools and Materials

Skill saw
Small wire brads
Standard drywall screws (100)
4 supporting pins (this is for each shelf)
1/8" plywood
1" x 2" supporting strips (strips and plywood made of the same wood)
1"x 12" maple or poplar lumber
Tape measure

Step 1

Decide where the bookshelves will be located. Next, make a sketch and determine how big the bookshelves are going to be. No matter what the dimensions are, you should measure the bottom and top of the area you want to use. Never make the assumption that the bottom and top will have similar dimensions.

Step 2

Get the measurements for the vertical supports you will make for the case. Place the supports every 30 inches when you build bookshelves. Do not set it any farther than that because the shelves might sag and snap. Keep that in mind regardless of the bookshelves size.

Step 3

Get the skill saw and cut the shelves and the vertical supports. The size of the shelves will be based on your design. The longer the bookshelf will be, the more supports have to be installed.

Step 4

Place the plywood on the rear of the case. Set the case on the desired location. Utilize the wire brads to secure the case into position. Drill the holes required by the supporting pins. Use the pins to stabilize the shelves.

Step 5

Put the support in place before you put in the shelves. Next, install the shelves.

Step 6

Now you can paint the shelves. Use any color you want. Apply the paint evenly so it will have a smooth looking finish. You should apply at least two coatings. Wait for the first coating to dry before you apply the next one.

Tips and Warnings

Your workplace should be uncluttered; it is very easy to lose screws and nails. Use the drill and skill saw with caution. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Use the tape measure. This will ensure your shelves have the right dimensions. Do not cram the bookshelves with too many books. It may bend or break down.

If you are going to build bookshelves and paint them, do so in a well ventilated environment. Painting in a clogged environment may cause breathing problems. Turn the electric fan on as you paint. Do not inhale the paint.

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