How To Build A Garden Bench

With a few tools and some lumber, you’ll be able to build a garden bench on your own. If you want to make a bench using different dimensions from the ones specified here, just make the lumber cuts bigger.

How to Create a Backless Garden Bench

Required Tools and Materials

Six 8′ 1” X 4” boards
Three 8′ 1"x1" boards
A box of screws

Step 1: Make the Top of the Bench

Saw the 8′ 1"x4" so you get five pieces each 44”long. For the frame boards, saw the 8′ 1"x1" so you have a couple of 40" long 1"x1" and 22" long 1"X1" boards. Screw them to make the frame.

Step 2: Add the Supports

To build a garden bench, you need to cut a couple of 1"x1" boards 20” long. Put them in the frame and screw.

Step 3: Screw the Top Deck

Fasten the top deck so there’s a gap of .75” each. You’ll have a bench 22” wide.

Step 4: Create the Base

Saw one 1"x4" (40 ft long) board and two 22” 1"x4". Screw the 44” on the sides of the 22”. Use two screws for both ends.

Step 5: Make the Bench Legs

Make four 17" 1"x4" boards. Mark the spots where the legs will be screwed to the base. To build a garden bench’s legs, you need to flip the board over. Drill four holes and screw the legs in. To attach the base to the deck, screw the legs in the frame.

Step 6: Paint the Bench

Paint it any color you like. Allow the paint to dry.

How to Create a Garden Bench (Method II)

Required Tools and Materials

2" x 6" x 8′ boards
1" x 2" x 8′ boards

Step 1: Determine the Size of the Bench

Common lengths are 4 ft and 6 ft. Get the 2 x 6s and saw them according to the desired length. The average width is 18 to 20 inches. You can use these dimensions or you can build a garden bench that’s wider.

Step 2: Create the Bench Legs

Shape the four legs from the 2 x 6s. The typical bench leg height is 17 inches. Nail each one on the boards you cut. The legs need to be put near the edge. If the bench is six feet or longer, you’ll need to create bench legs for the middle portion of the bench too. Get the 1" x 2" x 8′ boards.

Place them along the external edges of he bench. Fasten them on. Get some of the 1 x 2s and slice them into strips. Fit them in the edging. Space each strip by 2 inches.

Step 3: Paint or Stain

Hardwood is more suitable for staining than painting. Give the paint as much time as needed to dry.

After you build a garden bench, you can try other styles. With the experience you gained, you can try making other benches with confidence.

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