Undermount Sink Installation

Performing an undermount sink installation will take time. But it is something anyone can do provided the right approach is used.

Required Tools and Materials

Undermount sink clips
2-part epoxy
Silicone caulk
2 x 4 lumber
Tape measure
Ammonia based cleaner

Step 1

First, the cabinet doors have to be opened. Get on your back and examine the sink space. Apply some ammonia based cleaner at the counter underside. Use the rags to remove all the dirt and debris present.

Step 2

Use the tape measure to get the sink width. Saw a 2 x 4 six inches wider compared to the width of the sink. Set the 2 x 4 along the top of the container’s open space.

Step 3

Get the silicone caulk and run it on the undermount sink flat lip. Lift up the tank and push it on to the counter.

Step 4

To perform an undermount sink installation you have to run the clamp into the drain hole. It has to be secured around the 2 x 4. Fasten the clamps until it is supporting the sink weight. Before proceeding, make sure that the sink is installed evenly.

Step 5

Tighten the clamps. Give the caulk 15 minutes time to harden.

Step 6

Prepare the epoxy. Follow the instructions as indicated by the manufacturer. Put the clips on the bottom edge of the sink. When attaching the sink, make sure the opening in the mounting hardware is below the counter. Allow the epoxy to set up for ten minutes.

Step 7

Put a screw in the opening on the undermount clip. You will have to use a drill to connect the counter and the sink. The screw cannot be longer than the plywood utilized as the counter base. Make sure that you do not push the screw in too far. Otherwise it will crack up.

Step 8

Wait for 24 hours to pass. Afterwards, you can put in the disposal, faucets and plumbing.

Tips and Warnings

Before you apply the epoxy, make sure that you mix it according to the directions. Otherwise, the epoxy will not stick. When cutting the 2 x 4s, you should always measure twice before cutting it. This way you do not make mistakes.

If you are going to perform undermount sink installation, take all the safety precautions when using the drill and saw. Wear gloves and goggles to protect your eyes and hands. Take care not to lose the screws when putting the undermount in place.

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