Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation

Rather than hire a plumber to do the toilet installation, it is better to do it yourself. Using the method described below, it shouldn’t take you more than four hours to finish the job.

Required Tools and Materials

Ratchet wrench
Silicone caulk
Wax ring
Putty knife
Nuts, bolts and washers

Step 1

Put the working gloves on. Using the putty knife, scrape the existing wax ring from the toilet flange. Put a new toilet flange in place if the current one is broken. Clean the bathroom floor where the toilet seat was. Put a new closet bolt in. It should be facing up on the closet flange’s sides.

Step 2

Set the bowl of the new toilet upside down a few towels. Position the flat portion of the wax ring above the drain horn. The flat part has to be centered. The drain horn is at the toilet’s bowl bottom. Press it.

Step 3

Get the rags from the drain hole. To continue with the toilet installation, set the toilet bowl up and on the flange. Be certain the bolt holes are set directly above the bolts. Lower the bowl carefully until the flange and wax ring join up. The bolts will go into the holes.

Step 4

Press the bowl down so the seal becomes waterproof. If you want, you can sit on it. This will also produce a tight seal.

Step 5

Put the nuts and washer at the ends of the bolts. Tighten these slowly until they fit. Check if the bolt ends are too lengthy. If they are, cut the 2 threads over the nuts. The hacksaw will do the job. Snap the caps that are on the bolts.

Step 6

Put washers in the tank holes. Position the bolts in these cavities. Ensure the spud washer is firmly placed on the bottom of the tank. Place the tank on the bowl’s back. Line up the ends of the bolts in the holes. Put a washer on the ends of the tank bolts. You may need the screwdriver and the ratchet wrench for this.

Step 7

Reconnect the water supply to the toilet inlet. Turn the valve on. Put some caulk on the sides and front of the toilet base.

Step 8

Turn the water on. The toilet installation is complete.

To check if it works, flush the toilet a few times. Scrutinize it for any leaks. If the installation was correct, there should be no problems.