Small Kitchen Makeovers

Small Kitchen Makeovers

It does not matter if your kitchen is big or small. You can make it look neat and clean with a simple makeover. The only difference is that working around a small kitchen can be pretty challenging but still doable. Here’s a helpful guideline on small kitchen makeovers:

Step 1: Draw out a plan. Make sure than when you consider your kitchen design, you do not leave out issues on function.

Step 2: Adapt a theme. Look through the pages of home design catalogs or search the Internet for ideas that will help you make your kitchen look cozy even if you are challenged in terms of space.

Step 3: Choose lighter tones for the wall paint. As a rule, lighter shades can make a small room look spacious while darker shades can make it look even smaller.

Step 4: Maximize the use of every square inch in your kitchen. When working around a small kitchen, every amount of space means big. You must utilize the space wisely. Using functional items as décors is key. For example, instead of merely buying countertop items such as ovens, toasters, blenders, and food processors, why not buy those items in a uniform design or color?

Step 5: Consider storage. This is a big problem with a small kitchen. In case you are lacking storage space for your pots and pans, don’t worry. You can buy and install hanging pot racks to have them hanging on your ceiling instead of being scattered on the countertop.

Step 6: If you need some extra space for food preparations, consider having a rolling cart, which can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Step 7: To open up your kitchen space at least visually, consider open shelving instead of having solid wooden or metal cabinet doors. If a door is a must, try to keep it looking open by using glass doors instead.

Step 8: Keep an eye on unnecessary items. Accessories that look good but do not have a purpose only come in a junk in a small kitchen. Make sure that when you buy items for your kitchen, you will have space for it and you have a need for it. That is the wise thing to do.

Step 9: When purchasing furniture for your kitchen, go for those with smaller frames, those that require a smaller space.

Step 10: Keep your kitchen clean. This is one of the cheapest ways to keep your small kitchen looking big. If everything is well organized and neat, the kitchen will be pleasing to the eye, no matter how small it is.