Repair a Soft Roof on a Convertible Car

If you want to know how to repair a soft roof on a convertible car, you can use the proceeding information as a guide. This method should work with most cars.

Required Tools and Materials

Polyester thread
Duct tape
Door and window sealant

Step 1

Begin by slackening the soft top so you can move it without difficulty. Cut some duct tape. Locate the tear and put the duct tape below the top. Bring the torn pieces together.

Step 2

Get the polyester thread and sew the edges. Hold the fabric about five millimeters from the edge. You need to sew in a z pattern. To repair a soft roof on a convertible car, make sure the slanted section can be seen from the top. The flat section will be visible below.

Step 3

Pull the stitches so the space is less than a centimeter for each of the seam’s edge. If you sew the parts properly, only the gray adhesive section will be visible.

Step 4

Get the door and window sealant. Put a large bead at the cut. Make sure the bead is big enough so that it seals everything. Make sure the stitches and needles are also covered by the glue.

Step 5

The next step to repair a soft roof on a convertible car is to cut more duct tape. You’ll need to put the duct tape over the joint before the sealant dries up. Now you need to latch the roof on the windshield. You need to do this while the sealant is still wet. This will stretch the fabric to the appropriate shape.


You need to stitch as tight as possible. If you don’t, the roof will end up with some low spots. These sections will hold water. If enough water is accumulated, the water will burst through the sealant you put in.

For this reason, tight stitching is absolutely vital. Do not attempt to stitch this unless you know how to sew; you may end up making things worse.


Anyone who wants to repair a soft roof on a convertible car must also be aware of how to maintain it. If you have replaced the top, do not try driving at high speeds. If the tear is deep, it might fly off when moving at high speeds. The less tape you put on the exterior, the better the results of the repair.

Remember that duct tape will falter under direct heat. You’ll need to replace the tape regularly if you drive under sunlight. If you want a more permanent fix, the car needs to be sent to a professional.

Even if the car is in good shape, you should check the roof regularly. You or a mechanic should look for any leaks to avoid major problems.

The technique described on how to repair a soft roof on a convertible car isn’t a long term solution. But if you need it fixed in a hurry, this repair job will be sufficient.

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