Power Tools & Equipment

Power tools and equipment are quickly taking over the place of traditional tools. These tools utilize combustion, electricity or compressed air, making DIY work easier.


These tools can be categorized by their function, purpose, power source and portability. The latter refers to a tool which can be either portable or stationary. The former can be carried and moved easily. The latter are large machines and have to be secured to make it work. Those that use compressed air are usually powered by a combustion engine. Those that use electrical power rely on a motor.

Below are some of the more common power tools and equipment being used today.


These are used for trimming branches and cutting trees. There are also chainsaws that can score through concrete and stone. Chainsaws rely on engines that draw a blade chain on a slotted guide bar.


These are woodworking tools that employ a saw blade to slice a slot into an object. Another slot is cut into another part. The two are combined on a wood with glue.


Power drills utilize a motor to spin the bit. This helps in faster cutting of holes. These include the portable cordless drill and stationary drill press. The handheld drills can be used with adapters to power in the torque bolts and screws. They can also be used as sanders.


The jointer employs uniquely designed blades to slice the wood surface and flatten it.

Nail Guns

These tools fire out nails, putting them into various materials like wood. The nail gun is a more effective tool compared to the hammer.


These are used for gripping and spinning materials to shape them. The power lathe gives the user a chance to concentrate on the material rather than on the spindle.


These tools are used for smoothing surfaces and materials. This is done by running a rough surface over the material. There are many types of sanders, including mouse sanders, drum sanders, disk sanders and belt sanders.


Various types of saws exist, including table saws, radial arm saws, power saws and band saws. These are other power saws available.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench

The torque wrench utilizes compressed air to manipulate bolts, nails and various objects.

These power tools and equipment are more expensive than traditional tools, but they are becoming more popular. If you are the DIY type, you may want to get some of these. The extra cost will pay off as they make construction easier.

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