Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV Repair

These days, a technician can charge several hundred bucks for repairing a plasma TV. Fortunately, some of the problems you encounter can be remedied without paying for customer repair service.

Resolving Plasma TV Display Issues

Required Tools and Materials
Pixel correction DVD disc (available in stores)
DVD player (external)

Step 1

Follow the instructions for connecting the DVD player to the TV. Turn the DVD and TV on. Note: you need to use the external DVD player, even if there?s an internal one installed.

Step 2

Head to the TV?s main menu and go to ?Display Options?. Modify the configuration so it is set to the maximum resolution possible.

Step 3

Insert the DVD corrector disc in the player. The options will vary, but usually you?ll have the choice of using a wizard to fix the problem or do it manually. When repairing a plasma TV, go with the wizard. In most cases, the wizard will conduct all the necessary tests. Allow the wizard to fix the plasma TV.

Look at the screen and see if the display improves. If it doesn?t, repeat the wizard cleaning job from the start. If it?s fixed, remove the disc.

Fixing Physical Problems with the TV

If there?s a broken section on the TV and it affects the display, tap over this part. Keep tapping until the distortions vanish. This technique also works with dead pixels. You can also try tapping on the glass to get rid of those dead pixels.

If the problem persists, try tapping the frame with a heavy object. Don?t tap too hard when repairing a plasma TV because you might make it worse.

Caring for the Plasma TV

Read the manual and look for a section called maintenance, warning or something similar. Here you?ll learn how to care for the TV properly. Follow any directions on cleaning it, how far away other electronics should be etc.

Read the troubleshooting sector too. They may help fix some of the problems. Pay close attention to the wiring and plugging section; making a mistake here may damage the TV.

Tips and Warnings

Use the DVD corrector / cleaner regularly. Check the TV manual for info on how often it should be cleaned. When repairing a plasma TV and cleaning the screen, only use the one that is recommended by the TV?s manual.

Read the warranty. In some cases, trying the methods outlined above may void it. If the TV is still under warranty, you should have it checked out. If you tried fixing it and nothing happens, take the TV to the repair shop. If you tried tapping or using any of the techniques above, you should tell the repairman. It may help in getting it fixed.

You should also visit the company?s website. Look for any data related to your TV. There could be valuable information there not in the manual.

Repairing a plasma TV doesn?t always have to cost an arm and a leg. For display problems, a little DVD cleaning should be sufficient.