Painting Ceilings

Painting ceilings is no easy task, particularly if it is high. To get started, you will need to have the following equipment ready.

Required Tools and Materials

Roller grid
Bucket or roller tray
Paint roller (should have extension pole)
Drop cloth
Ceiling paint

Step 1

Choose the color. The most common is white, but you can also go for beige, cream and other colors.

Step 2

Put the drop cloth in the area and floor where you will paint. This will serve as protection in case the paint drips. Make certain the cloth is large enough to cover the area.

Step 3

If the ceiling is large, put a couple of gallons of paint in the bucket. You can use a roller tray if the ceiling is not too big.

Step 4

To begin painting ceilings, dip the paint roller into the container or bucket. Roll this in a backward / forward motion on the roller grid. The grid should be in the bucket so the roller does not dribble paint.

If the ceiling is small, the brush should be rolled up and down on the tray. This will help it soak paint without dripping all over the place.

Step 5

Start rolling in small areas. Commence in a corner and roll diagonally to the opposite side. Orient the paint to the ceiling. Try to cover as much of the ceiling as possible.

Step 6

Refill the paint if necessary. When the roller has been replenished, repeat the painting process. Keep doing this until the entire ceiling has been covered.

Step 7

After the painting has been completed, apply the roller on the whole ceiling without paint. This will provide the ceiling with a smooth, clean look.

Step 8

Let the ceiling dry. Depending on the number of coatings you
applied, the drying process may take a very long time.


Choose the colors carefully. A light color will make the room appear more expansive. Dark hues tend to make the room look smaller. If the room has limited ventilation, select paint with “low VOC”. Various paint styles are available. Flat style and semi gloss are among the most popular. The choice will depend on what style you want to implement.

Before you start painting ceilings, remove as much of the furniture in the area as possible. If this is not possible, drape them with cloth or tarps. Make sure it is covered thoroughly so there is no chance of the paint getting on an object.

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