Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover

Turn your ordinary kitchen into a classy and chic contemporary kitchen in just a few simple steps. Undertaking a kitchen makeover can give the most important room in your house a modern look that will make you want to spend more time here whipping up your special recipes.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, re-doing your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars just to make it look spanking once again. You can work within a budget that you can afford and still have that modern look you are aiming for.

Kitchen Makeover: Just a Few Simple Steps

1. First on your agenda is checking all the fixtures and furnishings in the kitchen. See if your cabinets, countertop and work area need a redo. Check your lighting fixtures as well.

You need to determine which items inside the kitchen need a makeover. You don’t have to take down your cupboards and bottom cabinets unless really necessary; like if the wood is rotting already and beyond repair.

Otherwise, a simple re-painting job might do the trick.

2. Re-painting jobs. The best part about re-painting your existing cupboards and cabinets is that you can give them a new look by changing their existing colors into more vibrant hues or practically any color that you want.

You have to make sure first that all cupboards and cabinets are empty and that you have done all the preps needed prior to applying your fresh coat of paint. Prepping includes sanding to get an even surface and selecting primer and paints that are compatible.

3. Changing handles. As you paint your cupboards, cabinets and drawers to give them a new look, so should you also make sure that the handles complement their new look.

You can either paint your existing handles with a color that matches the cabinets or you can get new handles. Either way, this is a very simple task.

4. Installing new lighting fixtures. You can get modern kitchen lamps that you can place in a good corner in the kitchen not only to add decorative items to enhance the look but also to give you lighting options.

Your main light can be a small chandelier type that will give your modern kitchen a twist of classic style. Make sure however, that your kitchen is provided with the right amount of light as you whip up your dishes especially at night.

5. New kitchen chairs. You can add a stool or two by your work area or kitchen table to add to your contemporary décor. Stools are also great for casual dining in the kitchen.

With these simple makeover steps, you can see that you need not spend a lot to have a more contemporary-styled kitchen.