How to Replace a Light Bulb

How to Replace a Light Bulb

When there’s a need for changing a light bulb, professional help is not necessary. How to replace a light bulb is so easy that even teenagers can do it. However, even tasks as easy as this need the right procedures to ensure safety. So, here are simple steps on how to replace a light bulb safely.

Nothing Wet Please

Before changing a light bulb, make sure the hands and feet are dry. Never attempt to hold the bulb when the hands and feet are wet, or when the floor or stool one is stepping on is wet. This is true even if the light switch is off—or even if the main safety switch is, for that matter. Sometimes, neglecting simple safety measures on how to replace a light bulb safely can result to unwanted emergencies.

Avoid Being Barefooted

Even if the floor is dry, avoid touching anything run by electricity while on barefoot. Wear rubber slippers or shoes. Or step on a stool with rubber insulated legs. And make sure stools used are balanced when changing a light bulb. Holding on to something metallic while fixing lights is also a no-no.

Taking Off a Bulb

To take off a bulb from the lighting outlet, carefully turn it counter clockwise. Gently do this using the thumb and the four fingers. If the bulb won’t budge because it’s too tight, don’t force it. Gradually apply some pressure until it gives in and turns loose. Patience is sometimes a must in how to replace a light bulb safely.

Checking if a Bulb is Still Working

Do check if the old bulb is really busted. In some cases, it’s the electrical wiring that is at fault, not the bulb. Gently shake the bulb while keeping it close to the ears. If soft ringing is heard, the bulb is busted. The ringing is coming from the thin lead wire inside the bulb that has snapped off due to wear and tear. If no ringing is heard, the bulb is probably still intact.

Open Lighting Outlets

After taking off the bulb from the socket, never hold the insides of a lighting outlet, no matter if the light switch is off. If there’s need to take out something from inside the outlet, use a screw driver with a plastic or rubber handle. This is a basic safety measure on how to replace a light bulb.

Putting a New Bulb

To put in a new bulb, carefully insert the tail end of the bulb into the outlet and gently turn it clockwise. Make sure the threaded tail end catches the groove inside. Turn until the bulb is evenly tight.