How to Repair Xbox 360 E68 Error

One of the features that Xbox 360 has is its capability to display the codes of the error that it has just encountered. With this feature, users can quickly point out the problems that their console has encountered. One of such errors that the console commonly displays in the event of an error is the E68 code. This code has plagued many Xbox 360 users and most of the time it appeared just right after the console was purchased. The E68 code is basically an error signifying to the user that the hard drive of the unit has failed. Other than the code and the message advising the user to contact Microsoft, the E68 error may be signified by a blinking red light on the unit’s main button.

Luckily, the error is easy to solve and it will be worthwhile for Xbox 360 users to learn how to repair the Xbox 360 E68 error by themselves.

The first thing to know when learning how to repair Xbox 360 E68 error for the first time is that there are times when the error just comes up for no reason at all. This is why after encountering the error message, one should reboot the console and see if the message still comes up. Rebooting once or twice may make the error message to go away.

If the error still persists then its time to isolate other factors that may be causing the problem. When learning how to repair Xbox 360 E68 error for the first time, know that some peripherals may be the ones that are the source of the error. This is why one should detach the console’s hard drive first. After detaching it, boot the console and connect it to the Internet. Try to update the console’s firmware with the Xbox Live service.

Knowing how to repair Xbox 360 E68 error is knowing which peripherals must be detached from the system when troubleshooting. Detach the accessories of the unit such as the memory cards and any other peripherals that may be the cause of the E68 error. Boot the console and see if the error message still comes up.

If after all of the steps how to repair Xbox 360 E68 error detailed above are done and the error is still there, then it is time to call Microsoft and send over one’s console to their service center.

Knowing these steps concerning how to repair Xbox 360 E68 error will allow one to address the problem easily and come up with the necessary solution if ever the error comes up.

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