How to Repair TV

It will cost you hundreds of dollars to ask a repairman to fix your plasma TV. By knowing how to repair a TV, you can resolve these issues without forking over money.

Required Tools and Materials

DVD pixel corrector
TV user guide
How to Fix Display Problems

Step 1

Hook up a DVD player to the TV. Turn the device on. For a plasma TV, you should use an external DVD player even if there is an internal one.

Step 2

Go to the TV’s main menu. Go to the display options. Modify the settings and set them to the maximum possible settings.

Step 3

Insert a pixel corrector disc into the DVD player. Head over to the main menu. Different repair options will be available. Select the right option (distortion, pixel problems, screen burn etc). You have the option of doing the repair yourself. Most however, have a wizard that can do most of the work. Choose the wizard.

Step 4

To learn how to repair a TV, watch the wizard at work. Check the pixel correction, washes and the rest of the tests. The screen image should improve. If it does not, run the tests again.

How to Fix Physical Damage

If there are distortions or dead pixels, tap the screen gently. Keep tapping until the dead pixels disappear. This technique can also remove some distortions.

Read the User Manual

Your plasma TV should have a user manual. Look at the troubleshooting section. It may contain information about common problems and how to fix them.

You should also check the warranty. If it is still covered, take it to the shop. They will fix it free of charge or just replace it. Do this before trying any of the methods mentioned earlier.

Tips and Warnings

Protect your TV screen by cleaning it with microfiber cloth. Use an anti-static solution for the TV. Spray the solution on the cloth and rub this on the screen. Do not spray the screen with the solution.
Do not attempt to fix the TV if it is wet.

TVs damaged by flood should be repaired by qualified technicians only. Do not attempt to disassemble the TV. Only capable technicians should do this.Disassembling the TV will void the warranty.

If you think the problem has to do with wiring, make sure to unplug the TV before attempting any repairs.

Knowing how to repair a TV is something worth studying. With the cost of repairs going up, knowing how to fix them will definitely help.

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