How to Repair Cracks on Masonry Wall

How to Repair Cracks on Masonry Wall

Often, cracks on the surfaces of cemented walls show after a while. Aside from being an eyesore, they may be signs that the strength of the plaster finish of the wall is being compromised, if not the wall itself. Thus, immediate attention should be given. Here are simple steps on how to repair cracks on masonry wall.

Roughen the Cracked Surface

Cracked surfaces are best roughen up by the use of a concrete chisel and hammer. Don’t simply cover them with plaster cement. Measure 5 to 6 inches on all sides of the crack and chisel off the area to reveal the hollow block inside. Make sure to chisel off with a half inch or an inch depth. Repairing plaster finishes needs to be done in depth to avoid a repeat. Most cracks are due to a hallow cement covering. Hence, replacing with a more rooted cement covering is how to repair cracks on masonry wall. And this starts with breaking up the cracked surface.

Preparing the Concrete Mixture

After breaking up the cracked surface, prepare the concrete aggregates. This consists of refined (or sifted) sand, cement, and a cement water-proofing mix. For every part of cement add one part of fine sand and water-proofing mix. A crucial part of how to repair cracks on masonry wall is mixing the aggregates well. On this depends the strength of the repair. Add one and half parts of water, or enough of it until the mixture has the right consistency of a cement plaster paste. Or, until the mixture sticks well on the wall being repaired.

Wetting the Roughened up Surface

Make sure to sprinkle enough water on the surface to be plastered with cement. This procedure on how to repair cracks on the masonry wall is also important. It helps the cement plaster to stick well onto the broken up surface. Remember that in repairing plaster finishes, the concrete aggregates and the surface where they will be applied should be watered enough. Otherwise, the repair will just end up in a new crack sooner or later.

Apply Plaster and Smoothen

Apply the cement plaster on the rough wall by throwing it splat onto the surface. Then, smoothen with the use of a wooden smoother. While wet, apply with a thin layer of cement powder mix covering. After a few moments, smoothen powder with a metal flat smoother.

Wall Bricks and Tiles

For cracked bricks or tiles on walls, simply break up all the bricks or tiles damaged. Level the rough surface. Then cover with new bricks or tiles using the same plaster cement described above to paste them onto the wall.