How to Repair Computer

Do it yourselfers will want to learn how to resolve their own computer problems. If you really want to learn how to repair computers then you will have to learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot various computer issues. The various problems we get from our computers can be categorized either as hardware issues or software issues.

Differentiating the Two

Hardware issues usually affect the hardware components of your computer system. When a piece of hardware doesn’t work it may make your computer system behave erratically or it may even cause your computer not to start up at all. Software issues simply mean that there is something wrong in the programs and applications that are installed on your computer system. You will have to troubleshoot and eliminate possible causes and problem points.

Hardware Troubleshooting Basics

Troubleshooting hardware failures is a bit easier to identify than software issues. For instance, if a printer doesn’t print in color, you can tell that there must be something wrong with the color cartridge. One of the easiest ways to isolate a trouble point is to replace the suspect part with a known working component. For example, if you suspect that the monitor is faulty, then get a working monitor and plug it into the computer in question.

Other than that, your computer also gives clues as to what problems may be present. Part of the skills necessary to repair computers is to heed the warning signs given by the computer system. If you’re experiencing start up issues then you will sometimes hear beep sounds, scratching noises, and see led lights signaling to you as to what may be causing the problem.

For instance, some systems have beep codes that tell you if certain hardware components are failing. Other systems have LED light codes that help you identify possible causes of the computer problems. There are also hardware diagnostic software applications that you can use to identify failing computer parts.

Software Troubleshooting Basics

The next category that one must wrestle with in order to repair computers are issues with the different software out there. The number of issues with software is often exponential due to the number of software manufacturers out there. If the issue is with the performance of certain applications, you should check out the documentation produced by the said producers of the said applications. If a game doesn’t work on your computer, look for information from the creators of the game.

Another important clue that you must use are the error messages you get on your computer screen. You may then look for answers to the said error messages and see what repairs can be done. You may even look into the online community. More often than not, somebody else out there has had the same error message pop up and others have found solutions to it. These are all important tools and steps in order to repair computers.

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