How to Repair Clocks

Trying to learn how to repair clocks can be difficult because there are many different types available. However, minor problems can be fixed at home.

How to Fix Antique Mantel Clocks

Required Tools and Materials
Mantel clock

Step 1

Open the rear of the mantel clock. Stop the pendulum with your hand.

Step 2

Look for the nut. This is under the pendulum bob. Hold the nut and turn it left if the clock is moving too quick. This will make the pendulum longer. The longer it is, the slower it becomes.

Step 3

Assess the mantel clock after twenty four hours. Lower the bob again if the time is still too fast.

Step 4

If the mantel clock is too slow, turn the nut in the opposite direction (i.e., the right). This will lift the bob and make the bob go quicker. Keep making adjustments until the time movement is

Step 5

If you are learning to how to repair clocks, be certain the pendulum doesn’t make contact with anything when it swings. If needed, use a cardboard piece to lift the clock to the suitable point.

You can also try leaning the clock to the front, back or to the side. Check the dimensions of the bob. If the clock is old, the bob may have been replaced with one too big for the clock.

How to Fix Grandfather Clocks

If your grandfather clock doesn’t tell time accurately, there are several possible solutions.

Step 1

Evaluate if the clock’s weights are not aligned properly. The weights are marked right, left and (if there is one) center. Make sure they are set accordingly.

Step 2

If the pendulum doesn’t swing, the clock hands may be stuck together. Open the glass and set the hands apart.

Step 3

If the clock moves slowly, move the pendulum up. Move the pendulum down if the clock runs too fast. You can free up the bob with a screwdriver.

Step 4

The clock won’t run properly if it isn’t placed on level ground. Ensure the ground is level. If it isn’t, the clock may eventually stop running. It is best if you don’t move the clock around too much. Incessant movements may upset the mechanisms.

If you are going to study how to repair clocks, make sure you have a screwdriver set with you. Since there are different clocks, various screwdriver sizes may be required. Be careful when you use it so no parts are damaged.

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