How to Repair a Roof

How to Repair a Roof

A leaking roof is an annoyance, and if it rains, your home could be flooded. Rather than hire a carpenter, it is better to learn how to repair a roof.

Required Tools and Materials

Roof patching fabric
Roofing cement
Metal bristled brush
Weighted objects
An assistant (optional)

Step 1

Get on the roof. Use the weighed objects to mark the trouble spots.

Step 2

Go to the attic. Check for any water stains. Use a flashlight if needed. Hammer a nail in the suspected trouble spot. This will help you find the source on the roof. If it isn’t in the attic, check the chimney, skylights, vents and flashings. If you see broken cement seals, apply new cement on the spot.

Step 3

If the problem is on the vent and other roofing features, unscrew that part. Use the metal brush to scuff tar, old cement and other dirt. If you see water puddles, wipe it with a rug. Let it dry.

Step 4

When studying how to repair a roof, it may be necessary to replace some parts. Get the trowel and use it to apply roofing cement. Put the cement in any roofing gaps you see.

To be sure, overlap the cement by a few inches. You should feather the cement on the sheathing. This will permit water to drain.

Step 4

If the shingles are damaged, they must be replaced. Peel the shingle edge. Apply some roofing cement on the spot. Remove any rusty nails; hammer in new ones. Apply the new cement over the nails.

Step 5

Rubber sheathing cracks are also a source of leaks. Inspect the roof for any cracks. Put a coating of roofing cement on the crack. Again, you should overlap the cement on the cracks. Put a roof patch on the cement. Put another coating of cement on it.

Step 6

If there are blisters, warping or bubbles, cut an X on the part. You can use a razor here. Ensure you slice up to the warp’s edge. Pull the flaps up and put roofing cement on it. Apply as much cement as necessary. Put the flaps down and flatten it. Put some cement on the X spot. Apply a fabric patch on it.The repair is done.

When studying how to repair a roof, make sure to apply another cement and layer. Put on more cement layer. The final step is to feather the last cement layer. This will result in proper water draining.