How to Remove a Trojan Downloader

How to Remove a Trojan Downloader

The trojan horse is one of the most famous computer viruses that infiltrate and damage computer systems. Some of the problems caused by this virus are data theft, file deletion and keystroke logging detection. There are various ways that the virus can be installed such as email attachments and software downloads. If your computer is infiltrated by this virus, you need to remove this from the system instantly. To know how to remove a trojan downloader, just follow the simple steps below.


When the virus entered in the system, you need to update the anti-virus that you are using. Even if you assigned automatic daily updates of the software, you need to update the software manually before you can remove the virus. After updating the software, the next thing to do is to scan the system for malware, software and virus. If the program detected the virus, you can try to remove it using the anti-virus software.

If the computer program failed to remove the virus, you can try other anti-virus software. To avoid spending money, you can download trial packages or free downloads of different anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. After installing the new anti-virus program, scan the computer and remove the virus.

If you have tried different anti-virus and the virus remains in the system, the best step to do is to look for computer technicians. Ask them to remove the virus. The most common method used in removing the trojan downloader is to reformat the computer. Before the technician reformats your computer, it is important that you have a backup for all the important files stored in the system.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

One of the tools that you can use to remove malware or virus like the trojan downloader is the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. To remove the virus, you need to download the software in your computer. Follow the prompts to install the software. After installing the program, choose the Full Scan option in the program. This may take hours but you have to wait to ensure that the program will find the trojan downloader. When the program is done scanning the computer, select the Remove Infected Files option at the bottom part of the window. Wait for several minutes until the program has finished removing the program. Afterwards, restart the system. When you restart the computer, expect the program to perform a quick or short scan to make sure that the virus was removed.