How to Paint a Ceiling

How to Paint a Ceiling

Before you learn how to paint a ceiling, you will need to choose the color. Once you have determined what color to use, you can begin painting.

Required Tools and Materials

Roller grid
Bucket or container
Drop cloth
Paint roller

Step 1

Protect the furniture around the area by draping them with tarps. The floor below the ceiling should be covered with the drop cloth.

Step 2

Pour one or two gallons of the paint into the container. If the ceiling isn’t too big, just put some paint into the roller tray instead.

Step 3

Immerse the paint roller in the container. Set the roller grid into the container. Now move the roller back and forth. For a smaller ceiling, just roll the brush in the textured position of the tray.

Step 4

As you are just learning how to paint a ceiling, start painting in small portions. Move it in a diagonal manner to the opposite end. Paint to the ceiling’s edge. Try to cover as much area as you can.

Step 5

Dip the paint into the container to get more paint. Apply the paint uniformly.

Step 6

After covering the ceiling with paint, apply the roller on the ceiling without putting paint on. This will smooth the ceiling.

Step 7

After completing the paint job, allow it to dry.

Tips on Choosing Paint Colors

If you want the room to look bigger, paint in light colors. This doesn’t just make the room appear bigger; the ceiling also appears higher. Dark colors will have the opposite effect; they will make the room seem smaller. The ceiling will appear lower too. In terms of style some prefer the flat look. Others opt for the satin or semi gloss style.


You can paint over the old material with the roller. But if the paint is loose, it must be removed. If that is the case, use a scraper to take it off. You can also use sandpapers to sand the structure.

This can help make it easier to stick paint. The best sandpaper type is medium grade. To clean the ceiling, you will need a bleaching solution. Just wipe the ceiling with a clean cloth with the bleaching solution.

When studying how to paint a ceiling, remember you can use a tape measure. This will ensure the paint does not reach the other walls. The nice thing about using painter’s tape is it will not damage the wall.