How to Make Corner Shelves

How to Make Corner Shelves

You don’t need to be a craftsman to build corner shelves. The dimensions used for this shelf are examples only. You can replace them with your own.

Required Tools and Materials

Ruler or level
Tape measure
1 1/2" finishing nails
Table saw
1′ x 5′ x 1/2" thick board

Step 1

Begin with the board. Note the long side up to 12”. Do the same with the short side. Illustrate a line with your pencil to the other end. Use a ruler for this. You will end up with a triangle on the board.

Step 2

Go to the board’s other end. Measure ¾ inches from the board’s short side. Note this spot and also down the board’s other side. Get your ruler make a line from the 2 marks. You will end up with a ½ inch parallel line to the board’s short side. Make another strip. These strips have to be three inches shorter than the board length.

Step 3

Before you continue to build corner shelves, check your work. The board ought to have a triangle at one end and a couple of lines on the other. There will be a line 3 inches at the strips’ end.

Step 4

Use the table saw to cut the pieces. Use the lines you drew as a guide. You will have two wood strips and a triangle.

Step 5

Go to the room where you want to put the shelves. Suppose you want to set it 4 feet from the ground. Mark 4 ft at a corner. Mark 4 inches from the floor. This should be eight inches off the corner by the walls you will be putting it on.

Step 6

Take the wood strips there. Hammer it into place with the finishing nails. Take the triangle and place it over the wood strips you nailed in place. Nail the triangle over the wood strips. Use short nails so they do not reach the strips’ bottom. If properly mounted, the shelf will be sturdily set.

Step 7

Get some caulk and apply it on the seams. This should be the point where the shelf joins the wall. Let the caulk dry.

Step 8

Paint the shelves any color you like. Allow this to dry.


Don a face mask when you apply paint.

The instructions given here to build corner shelves will produce a simple but fully functional product. By learning how to make a simple shelf, you will be able to make more complex shelves.