How to Maintain an Electric Shower Heater

An electric shower heater uses a thermodynamic process to heat water. The shower heater is very useful in countries with cold temperature. Some of the advantages of using the device are long-term savings of energy, unlimited supply of hot water, less space consumption, decreased water damage risks as well as temperature compensation. In order to maximize the use of this device, it is best that you have ideas about how to maintain an electric shower heater properly. Discussed below are the steps in maintaining the heater.


To maintain an electric shower heater, it is important to clean the showerhead every day. To clean the showerhead, you need to wash it with soap solutions or mild detergents. It is essential to remove debris in the showerhead to prevent obstruction. After cleaning the showerhead, you need to dry it with a soft clean cloth.

If you want to clean the parts inside the showerhead, you need to make sure that the device is switched off and there is no electricity supplied to the device. Close the supply of water by closing the valve found at the main line.

One of the parts that you need to look at when cleaning the shower heater is the case. The case should be fitted correctly and it should not be damaged. If you find any damage in the case, you need to change it right away because this can affect the supply of electricity and water to the device. It is also important that you check if the device emits smoke and produce odd sound.

When checking the parts of the heater, it is best to hire a professional or a person who is knowledgeable about this device. Clean the parts of the device regularly. After cleaning, you need to replace the case. Make sure that the screws are not loose. Before you replace the parts, you should be sure that the supply of water and electricity are blocked to avoid short circuit.

To avoid damaging the parts of the heater, always turn the isolating switch off after having shower. If there is no water supply, the first thing to do is to switch it off or unplug it. After using the device, check if there is debris in the showerhead. Remove the dirt and debris after using it. Avoid using cleaning products with chemicals that can damage the different parts of the electric shower heater. Finally, call an electrician whenever there are problems in the electric supply of the device.

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