How to Maintain a Kids ATV

How to Maintain a Kids ATV

Maintaining children’s all terrain vehicles (also known as ATVs) are hard because these are used often and kids do not have ideas how to take good care of the vehicles. Engine failure and breakdowns are some of the common problems encountered when the vehicles are harshly used. Parents who want to make sure that the ATVs will last for several years should know how to maintain a kids ATV properly. Below are the simple steps that you can follow in maintaining the vehicles.


To take good care of kids ATVs, it is important to have regular engine maintenance. This task includes regular checking of the parts of engine such as the spark plugs. It is also essential to change the oil of the vehicles regularly. When checking the engine, make sure that you clean the tips of the plugs. You need to remove the carbons at the tips because these can reduce the horsepower and affect the functionality of the throttle.

Oil filter and oil change is very important because bad oil can damage the engine. If the vehicles are used every day, you need to change the oil every three to six months. Aside from oil and oil filter, the engine block should be cleaned and treated every six months. Unwanted deposits of oil in the engine can damage the pistons of ATVs. To clean the engine block, you need pressure pumps when you change the oil.

In addition to engine maintenance, suspension maintenance is also essential to use kids ATVs for a long time. Remove dirt and mud in the suspension. Check if there are damages in the suspension. The suspension should be maintained regularly since the vehicles are commonly used in gravel and muddy terrains.

When you check the suspension, it is important that you check the ATV boots, which cover the vehicles’ axels. The boots should be replaced immediately if you find damages since it can affect the joints in the axels. While checking the axels, you can also take a look at the ATV joints. Since children do not know how to take good care of ATVs, the joints are prone to breakage. The joints are found under the ATV boots.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

When changing oil and suspension, it is important that you seek assistance from professionals because if you used the wrong oil and suspension, it can cause permanent damages in the vehicles. Avoid using the vehicles while raining because this can cause corrosion in the ATV boots and joints.