How to Install Window Blinds

Veteran do it yourselfers will find installing window blinds to be no brainers. However, neophytes who are still struggling to do this on their own might need a bit of help to get things done right. Window blinds are very functional additions to your room. They provide a bit of privacy and control the influx of sunlight during the day. They are indeed welcome additions to have in anyone’s living space.

Preinstall Necessities

There are a couple of things you need to do when installing window blinds. First is that you have to measure your window and purchase blinds of the appropriate size. Second, you have to read and pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the pack of blinds.

Installing Window Blinds

There will only be a slight difference between installing window blinds that are inside mounted from those that are mounted from the outside. Check instructions on the printed material that comes with the package. The first step in installing window blinds is to mark the head rail’s position which you’ll find in the window’s opening. Take note that some windows have this above the opening. The mounting brackets are to be placed about 1/4" wider than the position of the head rails.

If you are mounting from the outside you have to place the mounting brackets on the wall. Then mark the screw holes at the back. Take note that sometimes the package will come with extension brackets that will be fixed way clear of the window’s trim. You should hold the brackets from within the area of the window frame near the top if you are inside mounting. From there mark the position of holes for the screws.

Pre drill the mounting holes at this point for inside mounts. Install your wall anchors, if you are mounting from the outside. Screw on each bracket after drilling the holes. Do this for each mounting bracket in your set. Using a level, check if all the brackets you screwed on are parallel to each other. If the blinds you bought are a bit longer, you might be required to install some support brackets.

After that, get the head rail and insert it onto the mounting brackets. Once they’re inserted lock them in place and close the bracket doors. Some kits will come with valances that are separate from the entire assembly. These valance clips will have to be snapped onto the head rail. The other variant of window blinds will have valances already attached onto the head rail, which makes things a lot easier to install.

The last step in installing window blinds is to check its length. Lower the blinds to the very end and check whether the blinds are too long or too short. A little reminder is that you should never untie the knot, just loosen it. If you want to keep the cords away from your children’s reach, add a cleat higher than their reach and wrap the cord around it.

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