How to Install Patio Doors

The patio is an open space found outdoors, which people use to dine outdoors. Aside from this, it is also used for recreational purposes, especially for children who love to play under the sun. Its base is made out durable materials like cement mortar, sharp sand and compacted stone chips. Above the base, the materials commonly used are stone slabs or concrete. At the entrance, you can make the place more attractive by adding a door. To do this, it is important to learn how to install patio doors.

Materials Needed

This moderate task requires a number of materials. Amongst the most important are the hammer, measuring tape and a pre-hung patio door. Aside from these items, prepare wooden shims, a level and a set of nails. For this, you will also need caulk as well as fiberglass insulation.


Start by measuring the size of the open space where the door is to be placed. Measure the length starting from one stud to the other. Likewise, measure the space between the lintel, which is the top part of the opening, and the floor. You need these details to buy a new door. Go to any nearby hardware store and then buy one, preferably with a matching color as the overall design of the place.

Be sure that the door will perfectly fit the frame. If you want to be sure about this, purchasing a pre-hung door is better. This unit is made up of a frame with a door attached to it. Aside from this, it is also good to consider buying a door that is pre-drilled, which is easier to install.

Remove the old frame and the door. Get the pre-hung unit and then slide it in place. Put it on the center starting with the bottom part. Once in place, the door must swing out easily. Get the hammer and then pound a nail to hold the unit in place temporarily. For every jamb, try to put at least three nails. Do not hammer the entire nails through yet because you may need to adjust the door later.

Check the spacing in every jamb. Be sure that every side has equal space between the jamb and the studs. If this is not equal, try to move the door and adjust it depending on the spacing needed. Use the level to check if the position of the door is balanced. Put on the permanent nails as well as the screws for the hinges. Do not forget to remove the temporary nails you placed used earlier. For the joints between the walls and trim, apply some caulking to make it weatherproof.

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