How to Install Cabinet Door Pulls

How to Install Cabinet Door Pulls

Pulls and knobs are commonly attached to cabinet doors. Sometimes, they are used on cabinets to make them look more beautiful. To have them installed by a professional can be quite expensive. In order to save more money while enjoying nice looking cabinets, it is good to learn how to install cabinet door pulls.

Materials Needed

This moderate task requires a few simple materials to complete. These include a tape measure, drill and bits as well as a new set of cabinet pulls. At some point, you will also need a screwdriver.


If you wish to replace old and worn out cabinet pulls, unscrew them first. Remove each screw using the screwdriver. After removing the old set, try to replace it with a new set. In case the screws are too long, you can use a pair of pliers to reduce their length. Put the screws on one at a time until the new set of pulls is installed properly.

In case you are to install a set of cabinet pulls on a new cabinet, measure first where you want to put the pulls. Press the pull towards the spot where you wish to put it and then mark the holes using a pencil or any kind of marker. Now, it is time to measure the size of holes you need to make. Attach the appropriate drill bit and then use the drill to make new holes.

After drilling the holes, put every screw on until the cabinet pull is attached completely. Do the same thing to the other pulls.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When choosing the right spot for your pull, always put it an inch away from the edges. This will actually prevent the drawer from weakening. Always double-check if the measurements you have made are correct and precise. This can help you avoid any kind of mistake or error. It is easier to allot a minute or two of checking than creating new holes to replace the error you have made.

Always choose the appropriate kind of pulls for your cabinet. It is best to choose something that can match the color, design as well as size of the cabinet. Putting pulls that are too big for your cabinet will make it look awkward. Likewise, select cabinet pulls with color and design that can match the cabinet.

Be sure to choose the right kind of bit before drilling holes. A hole that is too big can be a problem because the screw will not fit in place. Somehow, the drill bit must be thinner than the body of the screws.