How to Install a Wall Mounted LCD TV

Unlike before, modern home designs now involve the installation of LCD television set on the wall. With this kind of design, less space is occupied. Furthermore, it looks less bulky and more elegant compared to non-wall mounted TV sets. With the help of several simple tools, it is easier to learn how to install a wall mounted LCD TV.

Materials Needed

The primary materials needed for this moderately challenging task include a mounting kit and an LCD TV. Aside from these, be sure to bring in a measuring tape, a drill and a saw, preferably one that can cut through a drywall. In addition, you must have a socket set as well as a set of screwdrivers.


Before you can start with this job, you have to choose the best spot for your LCD TV set. The space must be enough to hold the TV. If you are planning to add mounting speakers, try to find a bigger spot. Go to the nearest hardware store and then look for a mounting kit. You can also find a cheaper alternative any online hardware store. The mounting process is easier if the TV set and the kit are VESA compatible.

Sometimes, there is really no need to buy a mounting kit, especially if you have a measuring tape, a drill, a saw, a socket set and a set of screwdrivers. The spot you selected must also be accessible to the necessary wire connections. Be sure that there is no obstruction between the TV set and the lines.

Locate the studs. You must have at least one so that you can be sure of a solid foundation for the mounting bolts. The studs must be enough to carry the combined weight of the mounting bracket and the LCD TV. For bigger TV sets, it is necessary to use at least two studs. Get the pencil and use it to mark the position of the studs and holes. After that, drill them.

Put the mounting rails. For a better appearance later on, be sure to put them behind the LCD TV where it is not easily seen. Use the saw to make holes for the wires at the drywall. Create holes for the bolt anchors as well. Install the wall mount securely on the wall. Attach the mounting bolts to the anchors tightly using the socket wrench. Once the bolts are in position, ask somebody else to carry the LCD screen and onto the mounting bolts. Check once again and then make sure that the TV set is secured in place.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Before putting the TV on the mounting bolts, they must be firmly attached to wall studs. Be careful when arranging the wires. Have somebody else to help you especially when carrying a very big and heave LCD TV set.

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