How To Install A Toilet

There are a number of reasons why some get rid of the trusty old toilet. Cracks or leaks might cause the sudden change as well as using too much water for every flush you make. Whatever the reason, some people just don’t want to call a plumber to install a toilet. Before attempting to do this, be warned that replacing your toilet will take some really hard labor

Removing the Tank

The first step to install a new toilet and get rid of the old one is to turn off any supply of water feeding into the tank. You should turn off the supply lines located at the bottom on the floor or at the back of the tank. Next, flush the toilet to get rid of all the water stuck in the tank and in the bowl. You will have to use a sponge to remove what little is left. You don’t want to be carrying any extra weight since the toilet itself is already really heavy.

The next step to install a toilet is to separate the tank from the toilet bowl. Grab a pair of pliers or screwdrivers, depending on what is attaching the tank to the bowl. You’ll most likely be removing nuts at the bottom for most toilets. If you find the wing nuts to be corroded use penetrating oil or something akin to WD40 to have them loosened up.

Make sure that all waterlines connected to the tank are turned off. After that you need to disconnect them from the tank. Now that all attachments are disconnected you can now lift and remove the tank off the bowl. Set it aside in a dry place just outside of your work area.

Removing the Old Toilet

The next step to install a toilet is to detach the old one. You will have to remove the caps that hold down the bowl. Expect this to be more corroded if your toilet is quite old. If penetrating oil doesn’t loosen them up you might have to use a grinder to cut off the nuts. Make use of a utility knife to remove the caulk that is located at the base.

Now you can remove the old toilet bowl and then you’ll find the wax seal, which you might have to replace. If you don’t have a clue regarding which seal to purchase then you may remove it and take it to the store to get the right one.

Installing the New One

The next step is to install a toilet replacement. Before refitting the bowl, make sure that the wax seal is at room temperature. Prop the new bowl into the proper position and have it seated on the seal. Line up the new bowl according to the wall and make sure that it is at the proper level.

Once the bowl is in place screw the nuts back on at the bottom. To avoid corrosion fill the caps in using plumbers’ putty. Before attaching the tank, make sure there is no damage on the spud washer, which means you may have to replace it in case it is damaged.

These are the finishing touches to install a toilet. Secure the wing nuts at the tank and connect the water supply. Finally, don’t forget to re-caulk the bowl making a stable protective seal.

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