How to Install a Stair Lift

This guide for installing a stair lift should work for most models. For specific details, read the manual that comes with your unit.

Required Tools and Materials

Stair lift

Note: before you get the stair lift, get the figures for the stairs? flight. This is necessary so the track length is correct. There are many types of stair lifts out there so do some research before you buy one.

Step 1

Put the lower track on the stairs. Screw the brackets on the steps. The stair lift should have brackets on the bottom, top and one in the center. Set the track at the wall side. Don?t set it on the railing side.

Step 2

If you?re installing a stair lift, you must put in the call box wiring. The unit will have a wire that needs to be fed through the track. This is from the top to the bottom. Ensure the feed is through against the wall. If it needs to be clipped underside, do it.

Step 3

Put the upper track on the lower track. The seat base will connect along the two tracks. If it hasn?t already, slide the lower track in. Fasten it. Join it to the brackets that are on the stairs.

Step 4

The next step is to set up the chain. Fit the chain in the middle of the track. Half needs to be on the left and the other half on the right. You are installing a stair lift chain correctly if the chain moves with no resistance.

Step 5

Feed the seat power cable in the slot track. Secure the cable so it doesn?t pull off the track. Next, join the seat to the track. You will be using the screws that come with the unit. Set it in the position that is most comfortable for the user. Do not let anyone use this until it has fastened tight.

Step 6

Plug the power cable on the track bottom. Finally, plug the other end as well. The unit should work properly.

Tips and Warnings

Do not make attempts at installing a stair lift without reading the owner?s manual. The steps above are typical for most units. However, today?s models have features unique to them. Check the manual so mistakes can be avoided during the installation process.

If there?s a function you don?t understand, call customer support. Never let children play with the stair lift. Some stair lifts need to be unplugged when not in use. Check the manual and see what it has to say. Do not connect it to the stairs until you?re certain the track is even.

Make sure that you are feeding in the wire as stated in the manual. Do not plug the machine in until you?re sure all the wires are in place. Check that the screws are fastened in tight before operating the machine.

Whether you?re installing a stair lift for the first or tenth time, always follow the guidelines in the manual. This ensures the unit will be safe to run and operate.

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