How to Install a Motorcycle Alarm

Installing an alarm system to your motorcycle is important to be sure that the vehicle is secured. Even if you purchase the most expensive alarm system, it is useless if you do not know how to install it correctly. If you like to learn how to install a motorcycle alarm, just follow the easy steps detailed in this article.


Before you start with the installation of the alarm system, you need to get the manuals of the system and your motorcycle. Look at the wiring diagrams and the system instructions to ensure that you will install it properly. It is important that you have a background on polarities, locations as well as the wiring colors.

To save time, it is best if you examine the parts of your motorcycle using the diagrams before you proceed with the installation. Afterwards, get all the tools needed for the project. The materials and equipment needed are based on the alarm system that you purchase.

Look for the negative terminal of the battery and disconnect it to prevent draining the battery as well as electrical shorts. Find the wires with the same plug. Twist these and tape together using an electrical tape. Look for the wires that you will use to connect the alarm system to the motorcycle.

Find the wires that are connected to the fuse box. To ensure that you find the right wires, you need to open the switch connected to the ignition of the motorcycle. Do not connect the system to the wires that are connected to the ignition.

Get the panels attached to the wires that you will use. Choose a spot where you will install the system. Make sure that the location is not visible. Degrease the system and the support brace before you install it. Examine the polarity of the wire to see if you find the right location.

Look for the wires connected to the engine. Remove the side of the wires that are connected to the main power of the motorcycle. Connect the wires to the immobilizer wires.

Connect the ground wires as well as the power wires to the terminals of the battery. To secure the connection, you need to use terminal taps as well as wrap-around clamps. Check the manuals if there are problems with the connections. Replace the panels of the wires. Test if the alarm system is functioning. If you encounter troubles with the installation, it is best to seek help from a professional.

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