How To Install A Home Water Purifier

A water filter is an important home element. It can save you and your family from water-borne diseases. It can keep your water supply clean.

Every home needs a water purifier. It is a relief, therefore, to know that how to install a home purifier is not at all difficult. It can easily be a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.

Easy to Install Kind

There are different items on sale at home stores that will filter your water but not require installation. An example of this is a pitcher water purifier. There are also water jugs with water purifiers available. This option is least expensive. It is also very convenient, especially for small homes. In this case, you will just need to put in tap water to the container. The built-in filters will purify the water you will get out of that container.

Otherwise, you can buy filters that you will simply need to attach to your faucets. This type of water purifier is very easy to install and they work just fine. All you need to do after purchasing the filter is glide it into your faucet. They will help remove contaminants from your water just that. One thing you need to remember about this kind is that they must be changed regularly.

With an Undersink Tank

If you want a more pronounced filtering system, you may get a unit that requires serious installation. This type of water treatment device comes with an undersink storage tank along with a purified water dispenser. Not to worry, though. It may not be as easy to install as the other options but it is still doable, even for ordinary homemakers. Take a cue from the following guideline:

Step 1: Most water treatment devices with an undersink storage tank comes with an installation guide imprinted ion the package. Follow the instructions there carefully.

Step 2: The first step to installation is turning off the water supply. You will have to drain off the water left on the cold water line.

Step 3: Mount the water dispenser anywhere that is appropriate in your sink top or counter top. If there is no extra hole in your sink top, you may need to drill a hole that will fit the dispenser.

Step 4: Tap into the cold water line. You will need to install the filtration system near the cold water line but not too low beneath the undersink cabinet. You will have to make room for cartridge replacement.

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