How to Fix Your Golf Swing

Do you have difficulties hitting that golf ball? Fret not as it is a common problem for those who are still trying to grasp the game of golf. If you are a new player to the sport, it is highly recommended that you start with learning how to fix your golf swing. Starting with learning how to fix your golf swing will let you master the fundamentals of golf thus making it easier for you to tackle its more advanced elements. Go to your favorite driving range and start with working with that swing along with your experienced golf buddies so that you can start fully enjoying the sport.

Learning how to fix your golf swing entails the understanding of the proper way of handling the club. To properly handle the club, the left hand must be the one gripping the club and with the thumb placed along the club’s shaft. Place the right hand around the left hand, with your left thumb resting on your right palm. For those who are left-handed, just transpose the instructions for the left hand into the right hand and vice-versa.

The next thing that must be worked upon when learning how to fix your golf swing are the knees. To have the correct stance for your knees, your knees must be bent slightly in. The right foot must be pointing forward and the left foot slightly positioned towards the left. Remember that your feet must be father apart when using five-iron clubs.

The position of the arms and the elbows must also be given attention when you are learning how to fix your golf swing for the first time. The arms and the elbows should be positioned close to each other. To check if your arms and elbows are on their proper position, remember that your elbows should be pointing your hips if you are in the proper stance.

For the swing itself, keep in mind that your shoulders must be parallel with the ball by picturing an imaginary plane between them. Your hands must be the ones leading the backswing and they must move along this plane throughout your swing so that you can maintain the proper stance. As for the downswing, let your hips lead the swing since doing otherwise will result in a swing wanting in power.

Learning how to fix your golf swing is easy and it enables you to play golf anywhere with confidence even if you are not that experienced yet as a player of the sport.

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