How to Fix the PS3 Black Screen of Death

One of the latest video game consoles manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment, the PlayStation 3 is categorized under the seventh generation game console. This device was first launched in South America and North America in November 2006. Four months after, the console was launched in Oceania and Europe. The basic model of the device comes with a 20-gigabyte hard drive while the premium model features a 60-gigabyte hard drive. One of the troubles commonly experienced by owners of this device is the black screen of death. To avoid spending money for repair, you can learn how to fix the PS3 black screen of death easily.


Most of the time, owners encounter the problem when they are about to play games or watch movies. When you encounter this problem, the first thing to do is to restart your video game console. To do this, you need to hold the power button for several seconds. Check the accessories and cables attached to the PlayStation device. Remove all the cables and accessories connected to the device.

After removing all the cables and accessories, you need to re-connect the cables. Make sure that the cables are not loose. As soon as you have re-connected the cables, you need to remove the hard drive of the device. If the device is still under warranty, do not remove the hard drive and just turn the PS3 on. If the black screen of death still appears, then you need to send the console for repair.

However, if the device is not covered by the warranty, then you can remove the hard drive. Check the hard drive if there are damages. It is best that you seek professional help when looking for damages. If the hard drive was damaged, you need to replace it. After replacing the hard drive, you need to turn the device on. If the problem persists, the best thing to do is to send the device to Sony and let the professionals repair the video game console.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To have ideas about the different ways of fixing problems with the use of PS3, you can surf the Internet and look for a PlayStation 3 repair guide. By following the steps in the guide carefully, you can repair the video game console within a day. Moreover, you can save money because the guide is less costly than sending the device to Sony Computer Entertainment for repair.

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