How to Fix Septic Tank Problems

A damaged or clogged septic vault is something that needs immediate attention. It cannot be set aside for fixing another day. Thus, it is practical to know how to fix septic tank problems to provide remedies for these messy and smelly problems quickly. Here are some tips on repairing septic tanks.

Clean Out

Septic vaults have clean outs. These are openings for checking clogs in the pipes, both inlets and outlets, inside the vault. A clean out is covered with a threaded lead. It is often located near the main entry of waste water from a house or building. If a water closet, lavatory, or sewer pipe is clogged. It may be septic vault trouble. The first step on how to fix septic tank problems is checking the clean out.

Clearing a Clogged Inlet through the Clean Out

Among common tips on repairing septic tanks is to see if the clean out is filled with water. If the clean out cover spurts out messy water as it is being opened, there is clogging at the main inlet. After opening the lead cover, use a long and thin metal rod or rigged bar to clear out the clog. Insert a portion of the length of the rod or bar (about 3 to 5 feet) into the clean out and through the main pipe connected to the plumbing system of the building or house. Thrust the rod in and out several times. Pour water into the lavatory or flush the toilet to see if the clog has been cleared.

Opening the Hand Holes

If the clean-out trick does not work, it’s time to open the hand holes. It’s important to know the function of hand holes when dealing with how to fix septic tank problems. Hand holes are placed directly above inlet and outlet pipes inside the septic tank. The openings of these holes are visible from the outside—on the septic vault pavement. They are often equipped with small steel handles for opening. Just lift these handles to open the concrete covers. Then, with a rubberized gloved hand, insert the hand into the holes, one hole at a time. Grope for clogging materials the block the inlet and outlets inside the vault. This is among simple tips on repairing septic tanks. The problem is usually solved here.

Opening the Man Holes

If the hand-hole trick does not work, it’s time for the last resort remedy—opening the man holes. This is among surefire remedies on how to fix septic tank problems. Vaults have two chambers: the digestive and the leaching. Each has a man hole directly above them. The concrete man-hole covers are visible on the outer pavement of the tank. Just lift these covers and go inside each chamber to check troubles and repair them directly.

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