How to Fix Red Ring of Death

Although there are many solutions offered to fix the Red Ring of Death, not all of them work. If your Xbox is no longer under warranty you may want to try this method.

Required Tools and Materials

A couple of towels

Step 1

Remove all the components on the Xbox. This includes the wireless network adapter, controllers and network cable. Leave the power cable and the faceplate on. Note where the parts go and do not lose the screws. You will have to put these back together later on.

Step 2

Set the console on a towel. Turn the console on. Place the towel around the Xbox. Get the other towel and wrap it around the console.

Step 3

Let the system run for 45 minutes. You want the console to overheat a bit.

Remove the towels from the console. Turn it off. Allow it to cool for 20 minutes. When trying to fix the Red Ring of Death, make sure you don’t put it on the freezer. If you do, moisture may set in and lead to more serious problems. However, you may place it close to a window so it cools down more quickly.

Step 4

Turn the Xbox on. The system should work provided the environment is well ventilated.

Getting a Replacement Product

If your product is still under warranty, it may be eligible for a free repair or replacement from Microsoft.

Step 1

Go to the official Xbox site. Head to the support area. Use your Windows Live ID to get in. You will eventually find a page about Xbox and the Ring of Death.

Step 2

Enter the barcode when it is asked for. Follow any other prompts you see.

Step 3

You will then receive a package from Microsoft with some forms and documents. Put your Xbox in the container along with the other forms.

If the forms have to be filled, do so. Make sure the information you enter is correct. Ship the package out. Wait for word on when it is fixed and will be shipped back.

What Causes the Red Ring of Death?

The Red Ring of Death is caused by overheating of the system. The ring is made up of three red lights. The Ring of Death no longer appears in new Xbox models.

Even if you have little technical experience, there are ways to fix the Red Ring of Death. As the information above shows, you just need to be aware of the facts so errors are avoided.

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