How to Fix Peeling Wallpaper

How to Fix Peeling Wallpaper

While roaming around the house, you notice that some parts of the wallpaper are peeling off giving you an eyesore. Now, you are starting to doubt if you could do something to fix peeling wallpaper or none. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because discussed here are effective ways to ease your worries of peeling wallpaper. You will soon realize that the needed repairs are not difficult to do. And once you are done fixing the peeled area, you will notice that it will look like the wallpaper was just freshly hang. And you will definitely feel better for yourself knowing that you can do fix peeling wallpaper on your own.

Wallpaper Glue

An adhesive specifically designed for wallpapers is used to make them stay on the walls without any lump. This special adhesive is commonly known as wallpaper glue and are also sometimes referred to as lap-and-seam adhesive. Wallpaper glue is not expensive and is immediately available at any of your local home improvement outlet to be use for fix peeling wallpaper.

Things You Will Need to Fix Peeling Wallpaper

Wallpaper glue
Half an inch paintbrush
Wallpaper seam roller

What to Do to Fix Peeling Wallpaper

Tug the peeled wallpaper seam very carefully until you will feel a little resistance from the portion where the wallpaper is still fasten firmly to the wall.

Spread on a very thin coating of wallpaper glue evenly to the wallpaper’s underside with the use of a paintbrush. See to it that the loose wallpaper is coated thoroughly.

Flatten the peeled wallpaper back into its correct position. Using your own palm, smooth out the surface of the wallpaper as it sticks to the wall.

You may notice some air bubbles formed under the wallpaper. It is quite easy to remove these air bubbles. Just use a damp sponge and wipe it to the newly glued part of the wallpaper starting from the center of the layer going out to the seam. Just don’t over-wet that section of the wallpaper so that no buckling will occur.

To make sure that you have made a tight seal on the newly fix peeling wallpaper, roll a wallpaper seam roller over the area and let it air dry.


Wallpapers are manufactured to last for a long time when used. Seeing a portion of your wallpaper peeling is really an eyesore and somewhat disappointing. But now that you know how to fix peeling wallpaper, concerns of getting a new wallpaper are now swept away. With the help of wallpaper glue, you can make your peeling wallpaper to be just as new as it was when first hang.