How to Fix Negative eBay Feedback

One of the American Internet companies that offer online shopping and online auction, eBay Inc. provides opportunities to people to sell brand new and used items using the Internet. The company launched different localized websites to improve the number of customers as well as to reach the computer users in various countries including the Philippines and Canada. People who sell products at the websites of eBay need to have positive feedbacks to attract customers. However, there are times that customers leave negative feedbacks. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to improve sales at the site, then you should know how to fix negative eBay feedback easily.


Once you have received a negative feedback, you need to respond to the comment of your client or customer. This move can help you discuss your side regarding the comment. It is important to specify the reason why the client posted a negative comment on your page. If you will not respond to the feedbacks, it is possible that other shoppers see the comment and affect your sales.

If it is possible, it is best that you communicate with the person who posted the feedback. You need to settle the issues and misunderstandings. It is important that you convince the client to remove or change the feedback. If you cannot communicate with the client who posted the comment, you need to move on. Do not linger on the negative comment because it can affect your transactions with other clients.

Another way of limiting the negative feedbacks in your account is to block the bidder or the client who have posted the comment. In that way, you can prevent that users from posting other comments in your page.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

To prevent having negative feedbacks on your eBay page, you need to use detailed pictures of the items that you are selling. In this way, customers will have a good view of the products. It is best that you post several pictures in different angles. If your digital camera has a macro mode, you can use this setting because it allows you to have close-up shots.

Another way of preventing having negative feedbacks is by using the cheapest shipping fees. It is also advantageous to present an easy-return policy to clients. Additionally, do not forget to respond to comments immediately. Above all, you need to ship the item as soon as you receive the payment.

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