How to Fix Model Toy Trains

No one is ever too old to play with toy trains. It would in fact seem to be a very ideal toy among many adults. They can be a lot of fun, but they can be quite troublesome when they break down. One may take it to an expert for repairs, but this might end up becoming a regular visit if one doesn’t take proper care of their train set. Perhaps the best way how to fix model toy trains is to deal with the problem before it gets serious.

In maintaining a model toy train, its wheels and tracks are the first things that one should take notice of. They should be constantly examined and any trace of rust should immediately be scraped off using sandpaper. If the buildup of rust has become too severe, a knife can be used to scrape it off, but one should always be careful when handling it. One may also apply rust remover. Once the nastier spots of rust have been taken care of, give the track a good polish by spraying it lightly with oil and rubbing it with a soft cloth.

At times one may notice a buildup of white or greenish discoloration on certain metal parts of a model toy train. For those who have not encountered this before, this would seem disturbing and certainly gives the train an unsightly appearance, but this is merely the effects of oxidation. In this situation, all one has to do is to take the track and soak it in oxidation remover for some short minutes, then apply a light spray of oil and give it a nice brisk polish.

While steel wool may be able to remove rust from model toy trains quickly and easily, one should use it cautiously, if it should be used at all. This is because in using steel wool, one runs the risk of having tiny steel particles accumulate onto the track. The train would easily collect the particles as it passes over the track and will eventually have an adverse affect on the way that the train runs. Another thing about steel wool is that they are rather coarse and abrasive. Although it might seem like an easier and more efficient way to remove rust, one might also end up scratching off their train’s finish.

When one is getting a model toy train set, it’s not as simple as buying just another toy. These aren’t just playthings that one can leave lying around the house and not worry about breaking it. Owning a set comes with its share of responsibility; it needs its owner’s full attention to make sure that it runs smoothly and that it is free from rust or any kind of damage. Maintenance is the key. This way, one will know how to fix model toy trains before they would even need fixing.

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