How to Fix Intimacy Problems in a Marriage

Intimacy is the feeling of having a close relationship with another person that one considers a confidant. This emotion is commonly present in married people. Physical intimacy has different characteristics, which include sexual activity, attachment, passionate love as well as romantic love. There are times when couples have troubles or difficulties maintaining intimacy in their relationships. The lack of intimacy among married people has various causes. To learn how to fix intimacy problems in a marriage, below are the steps and tips that you can easily follow.


Spending time with your partner is essential to resolve intimacy issues. It is necessary that you allot 15 minutes for your spouse. Make sure that there are no distractions when you spend quality time with your loved one. Look for a comfortable place where you can have intimate time with your partner. Talk to your partner. Tell the things that you notice about your loved one. Let your partner correct the comments that you said. Let your spouse talk and do not argue. After your partner correct your statements, let the other person talk about the things that your better half notice about you.

Causes of Lack of Intimacy

Knowing the reasons for having intimacy problems is significant to improve your marital life. One of the causes of the lack of intimacy is the presence of children. It is possible that a mother spends more time with their children than her husband. This usually causes insecurity and jealousy for fathers, which can lead to intimacy problems.

To resolve this, it is important to spend more time with your loved one. Do the things that you enjoy when you were newly-weds or when you were just dating. You can ask a family member to watch your children and eat in a fancy restaurant with your partner. If you do not have enough budgets to eat out, then you can rent an old movie and enjoy time with your spouse. Do this once or twice a week to rekindle the fire in your marriage.

If the intimacy problems result to lack of sexual activity, then it is important to find the causes of having a sexless marriage. One of the most common causes is unresolved discourse. To resolve the problem, you need to open up with your partner and discuss the issue. Let your partner talk about one’s perspectives and views on the issue. Weigh the possible solutions to the problem. Above all, it is necessary to keep the passion and love alive in marriage by doing simple but romantic things like giving your partner a refreshing body massage.

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