How to Fix Derailments of Electric Train Toys

How to Fix Derailments of Electric Train Toys

Electric train toys are very fun and exciting to play. They look very nice especially when working properly. They teach kids valuable lessons especially with regards to different areas of science such as mechanics and locomotives. However, problems may arise after using these toys for a very long time. Likewise, some of their parts may also loosen up after years of continuous use. Continue experiencing the fun and enjoyment that these toys can bring by learning how to fix derailments of electric train toys.

Materials Needed

Although this task may seem complex at first, fixing derailments of electric train toys is not that hard. However, you need to prepare a number of important materials to accomplish this task. Some of the items you need for this one include a soft cloth, replacement wheels as well as a set of screwdrivers. In case there are nails on the rails, prepare a hammer for some pounding in case the need arises.


Before you start with this project, it is very important to determine the real cause of the problem first. Check each part if there is any kind of obstruction, which may prevent the entire thing from functioning properly. Make sure that the rails are clean for a smoother flow of things. Check all the screws and nails if they are all in place. If they are loose, tighten them up right away. After using the tools, never leave them on the tracks as you may forget to remove them later on.

Check each car carefully. Make sure that all of the wheels of every car are functioning properly. Replace the cars that are not working correctly. This may be one of the main causes of derailments in the system. Check the couplers as well as the wheels. In case you have replacements, you can consider changing these important parts. You can also try changing the order of cars to check if they will run better if their positions are interchanged.

After these steps, check the wheels once again. Be sure that they are clean. Remove any trace of dirt, ranging from the smallest all the way up to the biggest possible obstructions you can see along the way. Check each car as well if the parts are complete. In case some parts are lacking, replace them right away. Also check the curve of the tracks if it is passable.

More importantly, do not forget to fix all the bumps and dips in the rails. These can cause derailment right away because these problems hinder the cars from moving smoothly along the tracks. Once all are the basic components are in their right places, double check your work including the rails, the rail joiners as well as the main connections.