How to Fix Bamboo Furniture

How to Fix Bamboo Furniture

It isn’t uncommon to expect bamboo furniture to require some maintenance from time to time. You can usually find these kinds of furniture in porches and patios thus exposing them to the elements. Most of the things you need to do in order to fix bamboo furniture won’t be that expensive. You don’t need to hire a professional for most of the common damage you’ll find and you can do a lot of the needed repairs yourself.

Maintenance Tools

You don’t need to use any fancy tool to get the job done. You only need a few things to fix bamboo furniture. Just be careful when handling materials like lacquer, varnish, and paint. They are an integral part of your maintenance kit but make sure you don’t spill them on other pieces of furniture.

Other tools and materials you’ll need will include trimming sheers, sandpaper, and replacement bamboo parts or strands. You should also have mineral oil or, if you want, some linseed oil, ready. You will also need some water for any repair job you might find necessary.

Steps to Fix Bamboo Furniture

The first step to fix bamboo furniture is to assess the damage you have at hand. You should check if you need to make really big repairs or if all you need to work on are simple scratches. Plan ahead as to how you are to repair every piece of damage.

Most problems you can find plaguing bamboo furniture are easy enough to repair without a lot of hassle. Simple repairs include cracks and scratches, which can be fixed in minutes. However, if upon inspection you find that the damage is too huge, like a broken frame, then you will need some professional help. Don’t attempt to repair such huge problems as you might do more harm rather than get it fixed.

For scratches, the first thing you’ll need to fix bamboo furniture is sandpaper. The first step is to sand off any traces of the old varnish or paint. Smoothen out the area where the scratch is located. Next you’ll need to apply a layer of lacquer or paint to the sanded area. When the paint has dried apply an even coat of varnish if your bamboo furniture has that kind of finish.

If the section you’re working on will require some replacement then get your bamboo strands ready. Cut off the damaged strands using your trimming sheers. After that cut off an equal length of replacement strands. If the replacement strands are a little too stiff then coat them with mineral oil. Coating it with mineral or linseed oil will make the new bamboo more pliable. Use wood glue or any adhesive of the same quality.

Here are the finishing touches to fix bamboo furniture. Let the replacement piece dry off and adhere to the furniture. Coat with a fresh layer of varnish and leave it to dry. Once the varnish dries, put the furniture back to its original spot.