How to Fix Back Pain

A pain that commonly originates from the joints, bones, muscles and nerves in the spine, a back pain can be categorized into different types, namely the tailbone pain, the lower back pain, the upper back pain and the neck pain. Acute back pain usually lasts less than a month while sub-acute pain lasts for a month to three months. The duration of chronic pain is more than three months. Some of the health conditions associated with this problem are bone fracture, lung cancer and bladder incontinence. If you are having pains in the back, discussed in this article are the treatments for this medical condition.

Available Treatments

How to fix back pain? Some of the short-term reliefs for the condition are heat therapy, the use of medicines and massage therapy. Based on research done by Cochrane Collaboration, heat therapy reduces the symptoms of sub-acute and acute back pain. To treat acute pain in the back, you can stay in a whirlpool or hot bath for several minutes. You can also try cold compression therapy as a substitute for heat therapy.

To treat chronic pain, most physicians recommend the use of medications. The most used types of medications for patients with this medical condition are the muscle relaxants, non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs as well as the opioids. Another short-term relief that you can try is the massage therapy. To experience this therapy, you should seek assistance from professionals who are knowledgeable about Swedish massage and the acupuncture point massage.

If you are interested in conservative treatments, then you should exercise regularly. Consistent stretching is effective in relieving chronic pain in the back. In addition to this, you can also try the Schroth method, which is very efficient in relieving pains associated with spinal disorders, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and kyphosis. Another effective technique to try is the Alexander technique, which focuses on improving muscle conditions in the back. Acupuncture and manipulation are the other conservative treatments that you can try.

Surgery can be used to treat the causes of the pain like degenerative disc disease, lumbar disc herniation, degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, compression fracture, spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. Some of the emerging ways to use to fix back pain are vertebroplasty and the application of biochemical inhibitors.

If the above treatments failed, then you can try other treatments but these are still under clinical trials. These include electrotherapy, the inversion therapy, the Body Awareness therapy, the use of the Feldenkrais Method and the application of epidural steroid injections.

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