How to Fix an Ipod

How to Fix an Ipod

The IPod is a durable music player, but it can get damaged if not handled properly. Here are some suggestions on how to fix an IPod.

How to Repair an IPod Jack

Step 1

First try other headphones. Hook the IPod to a speaker. Ensure the IPod is plugged in properly. Put in headphones you know are working. If the jack still won’t work, go to step 2.

Step 2

Use a jeweler’s screwdriver and open the device casing. Do this without the front opening. Do not disturb the copper wiring as it may damage the device.

Step 3

Look for the glue strings after the rear is separated from the IPod. Take the strings out.

Step 4

You will see a silver box at the top right. Bump this a bit with a pencil or screwdriver. Push this slowly; eventually sound will emerge from your headphones.

Step 5

Decide which direction the jack is to be pushed. When learning how to fix an IPod, make sure only gentle pressure is used. Keep applying force until the jack gets in the right position.

Step 6

Replace the case. You can lock the case with your hands.

Warning: it is very important that you do not touch the copper wires. These are responsible for handling the hold function and the video resolution. Mishandling the copper wires could permanently damage the unit.

How to Repair the IPod Classic

This guide is for those IPods that freeze; the buttons will not work and the screen turns grey. This fix is for the IPod with click wheels.

Step 1

Make sure that the device has actually stopped working. Press the play/pause buttons a few times. Wait a few seconds after you press the buttons.

Step 2

If that does not work, hold and press the menu and center button at the same time. Keep it pressed for 10 seconds. You will see the IPod reboot. It will go back to the main screen and start running again. If nothing happens, press the two buttons again. Be certain you are pressing them simultaneously.

Tips and Warnings

By taking care of your IPod it will not be susceptible to damage. Do not expose it to extreme heat or cold. Don’t let it get soaked in water.

Before you try to fix an IPod, take a look at its warranty. Opening
up the case may void it. If the warranty is still in effect, take the device to the store. They will repair or replace it.