How to Fix an Iphone

So you finally have that iPhone you’ve been eyeing for ages already. But just when you’re starting to enjoy owning one of the coolest gadgets on the planet today, it starts acting up and just won’t work anymore.

Depending on what the problem is, you can actually fix your iPhone without having it professionally done. There are quite a few very easy steps on how to fix an iPhone that you can do yourself.

On the other hand, if your phone is just a few days old however, and it starts conking out on you there could be an underlying factory defect so it’s best to take it to the Apple store where you got it so they can replace or fix the problem.

Your phone is still covered by its warranty anyway so you won’t have to spend extra to have it fixed.

Do-It-Yourself iPhone Repair

Stuck on Reboot Mode

If your phone is perennially stuck on reboot mode, you can try to simultaneously press down on the Power button as well as the Home button. After a couple of seconds it should turn off automatically.

Do not release the buttons until you see the phone in reboot mode once again. Once you see this, release the Power button but keep pressing on the Home button for a few more minutes – 2 minutes at most.

Once this is done and a blank screen appears before your eyes, do not worry. Simply plug your phone to the computer and connect it to iTunes. Check if iTunes has detected your phone and then select the Restore option from the website.

iTunes will now attempt to restore your system.

On the occasion that nothing happens after the Restore option has been selected or iTunes does not detect your device, simply do the above steps again. If it still refuses to work, now is the time to have it checked by a professional.

Water-Damaged iPhone

If, for some reason, your iPhone got wet; turn off your device right away. Leaving it on might cause a short circuit which could totally damage your hardware – oftentimes beyond repair.

Take out the battery and then wipe it dry. Do not do anything else to your battery. Simply leave it to dry the remaining moisture out. Wipe the unit as well, taking out as much of the moisture out as possible.

Place your phone on a clean surface face down and then leave this to dry as well. Air drying is the better option as against using a hair dryer. Blowing air into your phone may actually push some of the remaining water deeper into the phone, further damaging the unit.

Leave the unit and battery to dry overnight and then check in the morning if there is still some moisture left. You can get a paper towel and gently dab on all corners and areas of the unit. If you get a damp spot on the paper towel, your phone has not completely dried off.

Make sure that you do not rub the phone with the paper towel as some residue might get stuck on the phone.

After 24-48 hours, put back the battery and then turn on your phone to see if it’s working again. If it still doesn’t work, repeat the process. If after all your efforts nothing still works, you may need to have it checked at the repair shop.

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