How to Fix an Instant Water Heater

How to Fix an Instant Water Heater

You don’t always have to call in the experts to help you fix an instant water heater. First you should try these methods.

General Troubleshooting

If the water heater isn’t running, check to see if it’s secured. An incorrectly installed water heater won’t just damage the product, but it can also produce electric shocks. Also check the earthling component if it’s all right; this is the part that ensures the appliance is safe to utilize.

Next, examine the electric rating. Water heaters for home use must have lower electric ratings than those meant for commercial applications. Another thing you should examine is the water pressure. It must be sufficient to operate the water heater.

Other Ways to Fix an Instant Water Heater

Look at the power from the consumer unit up to the bathroom. If it isn’t in place, that could be the source of the problem. Fix it according to the instructions in your water heater user guide. You can also look at the piping point.

A typical water heater is set a foot off the wall. Install a 12” pipe on the water point at the wall. Unload the water heater and fasten it to the pipe. Apply some threading tape to prevent the joints from leaking. Test the water flow.

Assess the Wiring

When the water heater has been affixed to the overhead pipe, examine the power wiring. As you fix an instant water heater, be sure to check the instructions. This is particularly true when setting up the power source. Make certain the wiring joints are tight. Fasten all the wires with clips onto the wall. Do not forget to employ a wire cover.

Check the connections one more time. If they’re correct, put the switch with a pilot lamp on the bathroom door (outside). Set up any additional connections if needed. When you’re done, test the power and water. Read the user guide for instructions on how to set up warm, hot and medium water.

Other Tips to Fix an Instant Water Heater (Gas Types)

If there is no hot water, remove the cover plate. You should see a window; if there’s no glow, the pilot light is off. If this is the case, turn the control knob to the off position. Let it set for half a minute. Now set it back to the pilot position.

Press the red button. Snap on the igniter until the glow appears. Set it back to the on position. The pilot light should be on. The igniter will now come on.

Reminders and Warnings

There are basically two types of water heaters; gas and electric. Their components are not the same and neither is the repair process. Most problems with electric water heaters involve the breakers. Often, resetting the water heater breakers will solve the problem.

These tips on how to fix an instant water heater should work most of the time. If the problems persist, the unit may be damaged. In this case it should be taken to a repair shop.