How to Fix an External Security Steel Door

Maintaining and fixing an external security steel door is necessary so it remains functional. If you need to replace or add new hardware, take the following steps.

Required Tools and Materials

Drill bits
Measuring tape
Fasteners and other hardware

How to Install New Hinges

Get the right sized screwdriver and remove the screws on the hinge (this will be at the door and frame). Install the new hinge and fasten them tight. A majority of commercial steel doors have 4-1/2" hinges, but it isn’t always the case. Double check the measurements before buying replacements.

When fixing an external security steel door’s hinges, replace them one at a time. This way you don’t have to take down the door. Don’t worry about having only two hinges installed; the door will hold up.

How to Install Locks

There are two lock types, the cylindrical and the mortise. The cylindrical lock is the one where a key is inserted into a lever. This lock usually fits in a 2-1/8" bore at the door. If you have this door lock, unlock it.

Take off the inside trim ring and pop off the knob / lever. To start fixing an external security steel door cylindrical lock, unfasten the screws linking the lever to the chassis. Take off the latch around the door’s edge. Put in the new lock according to the instructions in the package.

A mortise lock is bigger and the lever is under the cylinder. You’ll need to go to the manufacturer’s website to replace or fix this.

How to Replace Rim Exits

These are usually mounted at the door’s surface with screws behind the push bar. Look for the screws at the side of the latch assembly. Unfasten the screws and cover. Remove the hardware there. Install the rim exit, making sure it is lined up correctly.

How to Replace Door Closers

To begin fixing an external security steel door closer, take off the cover by unfastening the screw. You don’t have to do this if there isn’t a cover. On the closer body are four screws. Take these off as well as the screws on the door frame.

Put in the new door closer. Make sure you follow the instructions so it works properly. Pay attention to the small valves. These usually have Allen screw heads. Adjusting these will determine how fast or slow the door closes.

Tips and Warnings

Repairing security steel doors is not easy. If you have some experience you’ll be able to do it. If you’re not sure, consult a professional. Steel doors are constructed in different ways with some more complex than others.

Having different screwdrivers is recommended; this makes it easier to install them. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer if there are problems with the door. You should also ask them for hardware compatibility issues.

If you are fixing an external security steel door, it’s a good idea to have the hardware templates and instructions with you. This is especially handy for new would-be repairmen.

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