How to Fix a Xbox 360

Before you can fix an Xbox 360, you need to identify the source and nature of the problem. This will make it easier to resolve the situation.

Required Tools and Materials

Three towels
15 pennies
Spare Xbox parts (if needed)

How to Identify the Xbox Problems

If there are 3 red rings, the unit is overheating and the heat sink has to be replaced. If you see a couple of red rings, the fan has to be cleaned. The thermal compound and the heat sink have to be cleaned or replaced. If you see only one red light, the trouble is with the audio / video cables. You will need a dozen pennies or so.

How to Fix an Xbox 360 with the Three Red Rings

Step 1

Wrap four pennies in tape. Disassemble the Xbox. You will see a couple of gray dots. Push it in with a pencil. Remove the gray colored sides.

Step 2

Tape the pennies on the black chips. Turn the Xbox on. Let Xbox run and the console should work out fine.

How to Repair the Xbox with Two Red Rings

Step 1

In this case, the heat sink may have to be cleaned or replaced. Take the Xbox 360 apart as you would with the three red rings.

Step 2

Remove the heat sink and replace it with a new one. You must also put a dozen pennies in the same area as you did earlier. Put the pennies on before you replace the heat sink.

Step 3

Put the Xbox 360 back together. Make sure you put the components in the exact reverse order in which you took them out. Keep the Xbox off for 15 minutes. Ensure the screws are tight. Make sure the pennies are stacked up properly.

How to Fix the E74 Error

Get a dozen pennies and an electrical tape. Wrap the pennies in the tape. Put the pennies on top of the CPU chip. Turn on the Xbox and overheat it.

If that doesn’t fix the error, the problem is with the audio / video cables. In this case you have to replace the cables. You can do this yourself or you can take the Xbox to the shop.

You should only try to fix an Xbox 360 if the warranty has expired. Disassembling the unit will void the warranty. If it is still under warranty, it is better to have the product replaced or repaired. Get in touch with the manufacturer for more info.

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