How to Fix a Steel Gate

How to Fix a Steel Gate

Gates are made from highly durable materials, one of the most common of which is steel. This material is commonly used because of its strength and durability. However, just like other types of gate, this specific kind of gate can still suffer from damages especially after longer time of use. Be able to solve different kinds of problems involving your gates by learning how to fix a steel gate.

Materials Needed

This moderately challenging task requires a number of important materials such as a screwdriver, hammer and stainless steel crews. Likewise, you also need a wire brush, a surface liquid prep designed for steel alloys and handheld propane torch.


One of the common problems affecting steel gates is sagging. For this kind of damage, you need to check the post for hinge screws that are coming out. In case, you see some, you must reinstall them to solidify the gate in place. Check the bottom hinge connecting the gate to the post. Remove the screws one by one. After this, remove the screws at the top hinge. With this, you can now remove the steel gate from the post.

If some of the parts are broken and out of place, you can weld them back in their original positions. Get the wire brush and then use it to clean the damaged areas. Apply the special liquid prep on the surface. Get the propane torch and then use it to heat up the steel alloy rod and the damaged part you are reconnecting. After liquefying these parts, leave them to dry for some time.

Get a new hinge and then attach the top part of the gate first. Put the screws on one by one. After installing the top hinge, it is now time to put the lower hinge. To do this, simply put the screws on until the gate is firmly in the right position. When enough space between the upper and lower hinges is still available, add a third hinge at the middle to ensure that it will sag no more.

Use the level to check if the position of the game is okay. Put it across the top part of the gate. If is not okay, you may want to make the necessary adjustments.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

In case the gate still sags, it is good to put a turnbuckle tension rod to connect the opposite corners of the frame. The reason for this is to support and straighten the posts of the gate.