How to Fix a Snow Blower

Even if the unit is working now, it’s still good to know how to fix a snow blower. You’ll never know when these issues will crop up, so it’s better to be prepared.

Defrosting Snow

If the snow blower refuses to run, it’s probably due to snow stuck inside. You don’t need to open the unit. Just put the snow blower in a warm room or the garage Give it enough time to melt the ice. Try the unit again.

Clean the Fuel Injector

If the fuel injector is dirty, the snow blower won’t run. Check the manual to determine how to clean it. Make this a part of the snow blower’s regular upkeep and maintenance.

Batteries and Oil

Another way to fix a snow blower is by replacing the batteries. If the snow blower suddenly stops, open the battery compartment. Take careful note of the size and number of batteries needed and get replacements.

You also need to change the oil regularly. If the oil isn’t change regularly, this might cause problems with the engine itself. Avoid this problem by inspecting the oil regularly.

Managing the Engine

If there is a problem with the engine, look at the various components. If you test the carburetor or spark plugs and they didn’t work, replace them. It may be possible to fix the existing ones, but chances are they’ll break down again. It’s much cheaper to just get replacement parts.

Replacing Snow Blower Tires

Required Tools and Materials

Ratchet strap
New snowball tire
Flathead screwdriver
Air compressor
Block of wood

Step 1

To fix a snow blower with busted tires, set the axle of the flat tire on the wood. Remove the bolts. Put it on the floor.

Step 2

Put the flathead screwdriver in between the tire lip and the rim. Pry the inner tire edge above the outer rim. Turn the tire over. Push the tire away from the rim.

Step 3

Slide your hand across the tire’s insides. When you get the feel for the nail, look for it on the outer part of the tire. Pull the nail with the pliers. As you do this, keep a finger within the tire.

Step 4

Put on the tire patch. To fix a snow blower’s tires, you’ll need to stick this on the inner part of the tire. The hole needs to be in the middle of the patch. Push the patch in the inner part of the tire.

Step 5

Put the tire at the rim. Set your hand on either side. Press the tire until it is set on the rim. Use the screwdriver if necessary to put it in place.

Sep 6

Put the wrap on the tire’s outer circumference. Ratchet the strap until the inside edge of the tire makes contact with the edges of the rim (the inner one).

Step 7

Pump air in the tire for 15 seconds or until the seal is formed against the rim. Take off the wrap. Continue filling the tire with air.

The final step to fix a snow blower’s tire is to reconnect the wheel to the snow blower. That’s it; you’re done

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