How to Fix a Running Toilet

If you have a running toilet, there are two possible sources: the tank flap or the ball cock diaphragm. Before you can fix a running toilet, you must identify the source of the problem.

Required Tools and Materials

Toilet repair parts (if needed)

How to Identify the Problem

Step 1

Take out the toilet tank lid. Check the ball stock. This is the valve connected to the float on the canister. This moves on a pipe in an up and down manner. If there is water on the valve, replace or clean it.

Step 2

Reach into the toile tank. Press the black or red rubber cone; that is the tank flap. If the water stops running, the tank flap is the problem.

Step 3

Before you can fix a running toilet, shut the water supply. Flush the toilet. Before you replace the tank flap or the diaphragm, go to a hardware store and get an exact replacement.

How to Replace the Tank Flap

Step 1

Take out the tank flap. Some of them have a clamp type assembly. However, there are some that are connected to the posts on the overflow pipe.

Step 2

Put in the new tank flap. Turn the water supply on. Put the lid on.

How to Clean or Remove the Ball Cock Diaphragm

Step 1

Remove the ball cock cover off. Set this aside for now.

Step 2

Take out the 4 screws keeping the ball cock’s top plate. The float control arm is hooked to this. This is where you will see the rubber diaphragm.

Step 3

Take the diaphragm out and look at it. There may be hard water deposit stuck responsible for the leak. Wear and tear will also cause the ball cock to get out of shape.

Clean the diaphragm by running it underwater. Turn the water supply on so you can flush the valve. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace the diaphragm.

Step 4

Replace the top plate. Screw this into position.

Step 5

Turn the water supply on. Let the tank fill. Put the lid back on.

Tips and Warnings

If there is some sort of phantom flushing, make adjustments to the tube so it remains over the water level. This will have enough air capable of snapping the siphon.

If you are going to fix a running toilet, make sure you follow the directions as indicated. If you are going to get replacement parts, ensure the match is exact.

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